Sleep is sometimes the solution to everything.

Rest is essential to get to know a city that offers so many things to see and do.

From Grupo Roisa we have also thought about this, that's why we believe that the best way to find yourself rested and to be at 100% is by choosing your own pillow.

Sleeping is one of life's pleasures. We sleep 8 hours a day, a third of our day, a third of our life... It is much better to do it with quality, so here are the types of pillows that we can offer you if you make a direct reservation with us.

Choose the pillow that best suits your way of living, or sleeping 🙂 !



They offer medium firmness combined with adaptability. Their main advantage is that they mold perfectly to the shape and posture of the body.

It fulfills a triple function: on the one hand, it accentuates the memory effect of the viscoelastic, on the other hand, it has multiple ventilation channels that help to eliminate accumulated heat and finally, thanks to the active carbon, it captures and eliminates bad odors, helping to evacuate excess static electricity from the body, facilitating relaxation and providing a more restful and deep sleep.

Adaptable to the shape and weight of the head. It is a natural material that transpires very well and adapts easily to the shape of the neck. It is also anti-allergenic.

Pillows with this filling are aesthetically somewhat more rigid, as they contain a block of this material inside. Although they have very similar characteristics to natural or fiber pillows, they adapt better to the cervical hollow. In addition, they allow an intermediate firmness, without sinking as others that we have described above. They facilitate a great freedom of movement and do not give too much heat when sleeping on them.


Visco Soy

It provides a healthy rest by being in contact with the natural elements thanks to its micro-cells obtained with the contribution of essential natural oils.

Highly breathable, thermo-adaptable, relieves pressure and achieves maximum comfort by relaxing the cervical area and shoulders. Non-deformable, breathable, hygienic, anti-allergic, does not caking.

This natural filling results in a low-firmness support, so they can be very suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs. They do not perspire much in summer, and may cause allergies in sensitized people.

The main advantage of these types of pillows, with feather fillings, is that they ensure the correct position of the neck without exerting pressure. This famous and pleasant 'cloud effect' provides great cervical comfort and convenience. Also, keep in mind that the latest models are treated to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and dust mites.


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