Tips for buying a suitcase in the current times

The first time we travel, and more if it is outside Spain, most people, we take with us a unique and incomparable experience and it is true that traveling is something wonderful. Besides, nowadays there are no distances, we can reach the other side of the world in 12 hours.

Generally the first time travelers, usually choose European destinations: Portugal, France, Italy, etc.. For these trips, if they are usually on weekends or long weekends, it is convenient not to check in and therefore we choose suitcases with a reduced size and no more than 10 kg to avoid having to check the suitcase and what this process entails. Queues, hours before at the airport, extra money, waiting for your luggage to come out, etc etc.

For this reason many times we make the mistake of buying the cheapest suitcase or in a hurry and wrong. Let's give you some tips to make the purchase of your suitcase is excellent.

Travelers. Surely if you are a professional travelers you do not need any advice to know how to choose a good suitcase to travel. However, if you are an experienced traveler, do you agree with us?

1) Choose a semi-rigid suitcase.

There are soft, rigid and semi-rigid suitcases. We recommend a semi-rigid one because it is safer from bumps, scratches, etc. for the airport. However, each type of suitcase has its advantages and disadvantages, but we recommend this type.

2) Wheels.

Just like vehicles, shopping carts etc. good wheels are the basis for good handling and manoeuvrability. This is obviously also linked to the price. Good wheels on the suitcase make it go firmly at all times and on all types of surfaces.

Another point to consider regarding the wheels is the choice of a suitcase with 4 wheels for several reasons. The possibility of going to 4 wheels means that you do not have to push the suitcase and end up exhausted to make force. At the same time another advantage of the 4 wheels, is the possibility of putting only 2 wheels for surfaces that require it, such as climbing a steep slope etc.. This position makes that we do not make as much force as if we had done it with the 4.

4. Clamping handle.

It is convenient that our suitcase has several handles to hold it. It is advisable to have one at the top and one on the side. In this way to keep the extensible makes that we can take the suitcase in one way or another and distribute the weight of this as we take it.

Some grips are coated with a kind of silicone that cushions the contact of your hand with the handle. This way it is more comfortable and our hands suffer less.

3) Password.

An added value is that our suitcase can be closed and not be opened later. To do this many of them incorporate a password system so that your personal belongings travel safely. Other suitcases also incorporate locks or holes in the zippers to put them padlock. Personally, I think the password system is a better option, since you do not have to carry a key with you to open it.

5) USB/ Charger:

Some suitcases even incorporate technology. They contain a USB connection to charge our phones and devices while waiting for the bus, train, at the airport etc.. It is a great point to take into account because you will not have problems in case of low battery on your phone. The only thing to keep in mind is that they are connected inside the suitcase to an external rechargeable battery, and this battery must be charged beforehand.

Follow these tips and you will have a great suitcase. With these tips, carrying your luggage will not be a big problem for you.

Part you can look for the suitcase that best suits your style. There are suitcases of all materials, prints, colors, designs, etc.

Here's a great tip! Don't forget to put these things in your suitcase before you travel, they are basic for your trip!!!

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